On new things

Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’ve managed to land myself in a job where I get to learn something new every. Single. Fucking. Day.

If I was going to describe my dream job prior to this, I would’ve said something like this, maybe if I was lucky. But I always thought that “new things” was something you had to dole out, maybe get a couple a month.

But every day? This is pretty amazing.



Lots more to write about this tool, but I was looking to get a VM up and running with Jira on it, mainly to trial some workflows and customisations.

In the search for installation gotchas, I found this handy github project: jira-vagrant-install.



I wanted to play around with some JS

A guy at work put me on to yoeman which gives your node package manager the ability to quickly deploy a scaffold for building lots of other stuff. Mainly because I want to learn some JS (using CucumberJS at work) but also so I can start building a simple web based application for a hobby of mine.

Some stuff that was installed:

  • Sublime Text 2 – an excellent editor
  • Java for Mac – I was prompted to install this at some point, can’t remember when
  • nodejs – download from http://nodejs.org/download/
  • github – so it doesn’t matter where I am, I have access to the code
  • yoeman – With node installed, just: npm install -g yo bower grunt-cli. This installs bower (dependency management) and grunt (a JS task runner) as well
  • CucumberJS Easy with node: npm install -g cucumber for any BDD testing needs

Then added yoeman generators: – npm install -g generator-webapp followed by yo webapp

The last step creates a scaffold on which to build your web app. Or whatever it is you’re doing. There are heaps of generators available.

I needed to manually install some grunt components due to permission issues with sudo on yo webapp

Seems that the bower install done as part of the yo install didn’t quite work (on linux; worked fine on OS X). The previous post is all about fixing that.

Once that’s done, cd into the app directory and grunt serve to start.

Grunt is pretty nifty. It’ll watch your application directory for any changes and automatically update the site. No need to run anything every time you save a change; grunt takes care of everything for you.