Two weeks with the Apple Watch

watch shot

It’s been over two weeks – 16 days actually – since I started wearing Apple’s latest piece of beautiful tech on my wrist. Has it changed my life? No. Has it made me realise just how bad my sedentary, day-at-the-desk working life was getting? Absolutely. Has it turned me into a calorie counting, exercise biking, cross training, cardio fitness freak? LOL, fuck no.

What it has made me do though is take more of an interest in my health, something I didn’t really expect to get out of it.

High points:

  • Activity tracking. I’ve never been a fan of walking, except to get from point a to point b, but the visibility the watch gives me has prompted me to get out and walking more
  • Workout tracking. Kind of the same as above, but the watch allows you to track a period of walking, running, cycling, etc. with greater detail and gives you all the tools to track your progress over time
  • Notifications. I don’t have my phone out and on the table, desk, whatever as much as I used to. I can check MMS, email, and screen incoming phone calls without ever taking my phone out of my pocket
  • Battery life. Yeah, weird I know, but it’s nearly midnight, I’ve had the thing on my wrist all day from 7am onwards and the battery just dipped below 50%. It tracks my steps taken and my heart rate on a constant basis, I send and receive texts from it, and the battery life isn’t shit



New toys!

I’ve been playing with some new toys lately. The first is completely unrelated to testing. I picked up a 24-70mm 2.8 L II lens a couple of weeks ago. It’s been amazing – incredibly sharp lens, beautiful images. For full goodness I’ll need a full frame camera (currently running on my awesome 7D) but that can wait.

Software related toys, I’ve come across Asana after reading about it on Rands in Repose. Looks like something I could use. I’m after an information radiator type tool for the various teams of testers where I’m working and this, coupled with Sprintboards (with a side helping of Instagantt for scheduling and tracking) looks like just the thing.

Oh yeah, the new gig. It’s working out better than I expected. Very much enjoying myself, even in the face of some “interesting” environmental issues. More on that later.


Microsoft Tablet Surfaces

Microsoft Surface, full play by play over at The Verge.

Wow. I gotta say it. It looks really REALLY good. And MS are doing the lot – hardware & software – no partners. Hmmm. That sounds like another successful company I know of. Can’t put my finger on it now.

It looks like they’ve learned the lesson from Kinect and Xbox. And the flipside of it from Android. Partners are great, until they dilute your product and piss people off.

I like it. They’re going down a different path to Apple and Android, but I like it. I’ll reserve judgement until I get to play with one, but I’m impressed.