James Hill

I think of myself as a testing generalist, which is a nice way of saying I know a little bit about a lot, and occasionally know quite a lot about a few things.

I’ve been in the testing game for fifteen years or so now and have worked in a number of environments, from product companies to more service oriented businesses. I’ve occupied a number of roles, from general testing dog’s body, senior breaker of things, technical lead, project test lead, delivery test lead and test manager. I’ve written tests, explored software, stumbled through Selenium scripts, learned the ins and outs of JMeter, developed test strategies and plans, reported on testing using pretty graphs, organised testers, estimated work, consulted, mentored and helped clients to deliver better testing.

At various points in my career I’ve done a wide variety of testing: acceptance, functional, system, integration, performance, stress, volume . . . The list goes on. I’ve touched on automation and I’ve looked into security/penetration testing (though purely from a “hobbyist” perspective). I enjoy the challenge of new roles as well as getting the chance to work with great people.

I can be reached at james at breaking-software dot com or check out my LinkedIn profile.