BDD with JS

About 6 months ago when I started this job and I was trying to find my feet with a lot of unfamiliar tech, I came across this in my quest to get my head around BDD with CucumberJS. When I had no idea about JavaScript or much of an idea about how to do BDD well, it was all a bit much.

Now however it actually¬†explains a lot of what I’m involved in. I’m using Chai¬†instead of Mocha but the ideas are the same, just different syntax. Sometimes I wish we weren’t using Chai and rather had implemented something like Mocha or Jasmine but we didn’t because reasons. And those reasons were arrived at well before I got here.

Have a read if you’re stuck. I’m gradually coming around to the idea that JavaScript works really well when you’re testing JavaScript, in particular Angular with it’s asynchronous behaviour.




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