I’ve been playing with some new toys lately. First off, completely unrelated to testing, but I picked up a 24-70mm 2.8 L II lens a couple of weeks ago. It’s been amazing – incredibly sharp lens, beautiful images. For full goodness I’ll need a full frame camera (currently running on my awesome 7D) but that… Read More

As I sit here in a new office, two weeks into a new role which I’m enjoying, wearing shorts and a t-shirt on this stinking hot day… I can’t help but think back to a time in another job when the corporate policy was white shirt and tie in the office regardless of how hot… Read More

I like to use mind maps for, well, lots of different things. They’re handy as I build a picture of a new testing project, developing test cases, fleshing out test ideas, overhauling the approach, whatever. Start with a central idea and grow outwards from there. Mindmup is a free online tool for doing just that.… Read More

When writing test cases for your project, it’s often easy to forget what is important. This article is aimed at reminding experienced testers or informing new ones of what the key items are, to ensure we are being efficient in writing our tests. The End User is Key Who will be executing the test scripts?… Read More

Envato helps people learn and earn online. Pretty nifty idea, Australian based company, excellent design. At We Build Envato, Jordan Lewis has blogged about how Envato does cross browser testing. Go have a read.… Read More

Recently stumbled across Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby in online book format. Looks pretty cool and full of whimsy.… Read More

Been a while since I posted. I’ve started and stopped two entries because I couldn’t get the prose right. This is just a quick post of various dribs and drabs to provide a placeholder. I might get around to building one or two of these things into full posts. Note to sensitive readers (why are… Read More

Apple’s example of a Security flaw in their iOs v6.1 shows us why negative and ‘destructive’ testing techniques should be considered when compiling your test plan and test cases. If you want to read further info on this, find the article on ZDNet here. Whilst testing the ‘happy path’ scenarios bears fruit and proves that… Read More

Generally speaking, JIRA (from Atlassian) sucks for test case management. I hope I’m not telling you something revolutionary there. Unfortunately what I’ve seen this lead to is for testers (and leaders and managers) to decide the best solution is to simply use QC or ALM. A solution looking for a problem bound to lead to… Read More

There’s quite a bit of work at my current employer regarding agile testing. What some might see as a part of the overall test management process others see as a discipline requiring its own focus. I’m getting to the point where I don’t give a shit (I originally got a little ragey about the whole… Read More